Growth in Norwegian Seafood Exports Continues in February

13 March 2014, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Norway exported seafood for NOK 5.4 billion in February, representing an increase of NOK 1.2 billion or 29 per cent compared to February last year, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

So far this year, seafood export amounts to NOK 11.2 billion, an increase of NOK 2.3 billion or 26 per cent, compared to the same period last year.

"The volume growth in the trout industry, and the price growth in the salmon industry and the two primary explanations for the export growth. With a price increase of 30 per cent the growth in the salmon price is the single biggest reason," said Egil Ove Sundheim, Director of Market Information at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Price growth for salmon continues

NOK 3.3 million worth of salmon was exported in February. This is an increase of NOK 856 million, or 35 per cent, compared with February last year. The price of fresh whole salmon increased from NOK 36.38 to 47.55 per kilo. Volume increased by 2,200 tonnes to 66,900 tonnes for all uses of salmon. France, Poland and Russia are the largest importers of salmon from Norway.

Growth for trout

The export of Norwegian fjord trout increased by NOK 62 million or 45 per cent, to a total of NOK 201 million. So far this year, trout exports have amounted to NOK 406 million. Russia was our biggest market for Norwegian fjord trout in February.

Herring down, mackerel up

The exports of herring ended up at NOK 195 million in February, representing a decline of NOK 64 million or 25 per cent. Germany and the Netherlands were the major herring markets in February.
Mackerel exports increased in February by NOK 102 million or 54 per cent, totalling NOK 290 million. China is the largest receiver, with a value of NOK 61 million.

Strong growth for clipfish

Clipfish exports increased in February by NOK 168 million or 107 per cent, totalling NOK 325 million.Brazil is the largest market for February, with a value of NOK 160 million.

Salted fish up

Salted fish exports increased in February by NOK 30 million or 28 per cent, totalling NOK 136 million. Portugal remains our largest market for salted fish with a total value of NOK 84 million in February.

Growth for fresh and frozen cod

The export of fresh cod increased by NOK 132 million or 86 per cent, to a total of NOK 284 million. With an export value of NOK 268 million the EU dominates the market for fresh cod from Norway. For frozen cod the increase is NOK 42 million, or 31 per cent, to a total of NOK 179 million. The EU is the largest receiver of frozen cod too, with a value of NOK 118 million.