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Growth and Survival Trial Sees Promising Results

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ACHOTINES BAY, PANAMA - On the final day of the IATTC Workshop John Hutapea and I collected and collating the data from the last trial, being a growth and survival analysis on a high density stocking population of yolk-sack larvae, writes Alex Mhlhlzl, Oceanic Tuna.

The length of the larvae was consistent with one of our previous trials, but the survival rate was very good compared to previous trials at 7-10 day post hatch. With two tanks for a combined stocking density of 100,000 yolk-sack larvae, we had a combined survival of just under 10,000. Just shy of 10 per cent. John and I had to manually count out the tuna larvae from the two tanks and transfer into one new tank. Luckily the staff from the lab were around to help us otherwise we would have taken all day for just one tank.

Once the larvae were counted and transferred it was after 4pm, and most of the staff had left the site for the weekend. John and I then fed the new tank with rotifers and algae, and did a clean of the two tanks we had been using. After that it was time for us to eat and start packing, ready for departure.

Overall the workshop was very informative, and it was incredible to have access to many millions of yolk-sack larvae over the two weeks for trials and experimentation. Having access to this allowed us to try some things that commercial groups would be too afraid to try due to the high probability of failure and stock loss. It allowed Oceanic Tuna to refine some of its planned processes and methodologies based on real world data.

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