Group wants labels for farmed fish

US - A coalition of environmental groups and chefs has launched a campaign aimed at scrutinizing proposed organic standards for the country's farm-raised fish.</b> <br><br> The Pure Salmon Campaign, sponsored by the advocacy group National Environmental Trust, is pressing the Department of Agriculture, which is drawing up the new standards. <br><br>The government is exploring whether to grant fish farmers the coveted "organic" label if they use organic feed; largely protect their fish from hormones, pesticides and chemicals; and institute practices to keep fish from escaping into the ocean. <br><br> This week the department's National Organic Standards Board is expected to issue its recommendations to the agency on the matter. <br><br> Campaign advocates question whether farm-raised salmon can ever be considered "organic" because the fish are never allowed to migrate naturally and because they eat fish meal that comes in part from wild-caught fish, a practice that can deplete ocean resources and increase the salmon's concentration of carcinogenic PCBs. <br><br> <i>Source: The Daily News</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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