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Grieg Seafood Wins Best Fish And Seafood Product

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UK - Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK Ltd has just won best Fish and Seafood product for its WildWaters smoked and marinated salmon range at the 2010 Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards.

The award was revealed at a ceremony held at the Benromach Distillery in Forres on Thursday 6 May.

Managing director of Grieg Seafood Hjaltland Ltd, Michael Stark, said: “We are delighted to have won another prestigious award for our WildWaters smoked and marinated salmon. A lot of hard work has gone in to developing the range and it is particularly gratifying to see it achieve such recognition.

“We take great pride in having developed an award-winning range in-house using our own salmon which are grown, processed and smoked or marinated right here in Shetland. With no other links in the chain, we can, with speed and efficiency, bring a product to market where we know its complete history - we know exactly how the fish have been grown and how they have been prepared for the customer."

Grieg Seafood’s Chief Executive Officer Morten Vike, said: “The win comes on the back of our recent attendance at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels (27 to 29 April). For the first time, we exhibited our entire range of WildWaters smoked and marinated salmon in sliced packs, whole sides and loins, and also fresh loins. We were delighted by the reaction it received from customers – both new and established.”