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Great Technology in Aquaculture

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NORWAY - Norwegian aquaculture over the last 40 years has become a huge industrial industry that produces one million tonnes of healthy seafood per year, creating large values ??along the coast. A key success factor has been the continuing research and innovation.

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Research and development have been important initiatives in a number of areas. Innovative technology is vital to ensure sustainable growth.

As with all industrial sectors, it is important that society sets limits for aquaculture enterprises, including by imposing requirements and restrictions relating to the environmental impacts of production. Industry players in turn must find technological solutions to meet these requirements while safeguarding profitability and performance.

The equipment used today look different to what was used 20 years ago. New technology has made it essential for continuous improvement throughout the value chain from egg and juvenile production on land, via food fish in the sea, to slaughterhouses, processing and distribution.

The technological evolution continues and there is a lot of promising solutions being tested.