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Government To Lead Appeal To Supreme Court


UK - Seafish, the authority on seafood, has responded to the news that Government will lead an appeal to the UKs Supreme Court following the Court of Appeals decision to overturn a High Court judgement in Seafishs favour made in late 2009.

The Court of Appeal overturned an earlier judgement by Mr Justice Hamblen in the High Court that Seafish had the legal duty to charge levy on imported sea fish and sea fish products.

Seafish Chief Executive John Rutherford said: “We share the Government’s disappointment with the recent Court of Appeal judgement and are pleased that Government has decided to lead an appeal to the Supreme Court in this matter.

With the Government, we remain convinced that imported sea fish and sea fish products were intended by Parliament to be subject to the levy and we applaud government’s decision to seek leave to appeal.

In the meanwhile, we are working closely with Government to determine how we should conduct ourselves while awaiting resolution from the highest court in the land.

We are grateful to all of our Government partners for their continued support in this matter, and also for the many messages of support we have received from all sectors of the seafood industry since the Court of Appeal’s decision was announced late last week.”