Good Gut Health is Essential to Fish Growth Enhancement

16 November 2015, at 12:00am

Achieving better growth rates or improved efficiency relies on good gut performance in aquaculture species, write Rui Gonalves, Gonalo Santos..

It is no secret that optimum animal performance encompasses a number of factors, including genetic characteristics of the specie, quality of the diets, environmental condition and absence of disease outbreaks.

Add to this industry pressure, such as the need for efficient use of increasingly expensive raw materials or health management, and the picture becomes more complex.

A focus on good gut health can help to successfully navigate this large set of considerations and set the foundation for better growth.

Defining gut health

The gut is a key organ system which mediates nutrient uptake and use by the animals but also plays an important role in providing an effective barrier against environmental pathogens. Hence, a well-functioning and healthy gut is the cornerstone of performance in aquatic animals.

At BIOMIN we define gut performance management according to three objectives: to improve the efficiency of the gut; to prevent gastrointestinal disorders and related side effects; and to re-establish gut integrity after a dysfunction.

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