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Golden Algae Plague for Altus

OKLAHOMA - Residents of the City of Altus are being warned not to eat fish from the city's reservoir becasue of a purge of golden algae.

This year, the algae is releasing toxins that are killing the fish, and it has spread through the entire reservoir. The good news is that the water is only used for emergency water supply needs.

According to a News 7 report, this has happened a few times before, and the city thought they got it all cleared up in 2004. But, it came back in 2006, and residents say it's even worse this time.

Despite the fact that the city has warned its residents that the water is contaminated with golden algae, and that the fish are toxic, some are taking their chances and eating them. Residents say they're less concerned about eating the fish, and more concerned about the odor it may cause once temperatures begin to rise.

City Officials say algae won't harm other animals in the area. The drinking water is still safe since it doesn't come from this particular reservoir.

View the News 7 story by clicking here.
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