GOAL Investment Sessions to Address Industry Growth

12 September 2012, at 1:00am

THAILAND - As seafood demand grows, so will the demand for additional investment in aquaculture. On 1 November, GOAL 2012 will examine aquaculture investments from several angles.

Jorgen Lund, managing director of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum and a consultant to Pareto Securities Corporate Finance, will discuss capital investment required to meet global aquaculture demand. With the huge capital requirements our growing industry faces, what roles will the private sector, governments and capital markets play?

Gorjan Nikolik, senior associate at Rabobank International, will share perspectives on how commercial banks currently view the aquaculture sector. Bank operations will surely be part of the responsible growth of aquaculture.

The presentation by Chantal Andriamilamina, principal investment officer at International Finance Corp., will primarily focus on how IFC, as the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, could facilitate growth through investments in aquaculture.

GOAL 2012 features three days of information during morning sessions, lunches and afternoons. Speakers, topics and social events are now listed on the Programme page of GAA's GOAL web pages.