GM salmon set for Q4 2020 harvest

7 November 2019, at 10:30am

AquaBounty has announced that it expects to harvest the first of its genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon from its farm in Indiana by the end of 2020.

Its Q3 report, published this week, reports that the firm currently has 77 tonnes of salmon at its RAS farm in Indiana.

However, they explained to The Fish Site, this tonnage is accounted for by a cohort of conventional Atlantic salmon. The next cohort, which was stocked in June 2019, consists of its GM AquAdvantage strain, the first of which are destined to be harvested in Q4 2020.

Meanwhile in the company's Q3 report, Sylvia Wulf, CEO, stated: “We are thrilled with the progress of our salmon at our Indiana farm. The fish are growing extremely well, and they look fantastic. A new batch of AquAdvantage salmon eggs was recently received at the farm, and we now have three cohorts of fish in the water. Every day we move closer to our first harvests, which we expect to commence in June of next year.”

On a less positive note the North American company reported losses of $9.8 million for the nine-month period up to the end of September, up from $8 million in the corresponding period of 2018.

The company attributes these losses to “increases in production operations, headcount, and legal fees in support of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) defence of their approval of AquAdvantage salmon.”

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