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Global Aquaculture Alliance Forged by Companies

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GLOBAL - Three international companies known for the specialized services they render world-wide to the aquaculture industry, have decided to combine their interests in a one-stop specialist and technology group under the banner of Global Recirc Technologies.

The American group Holder Timmons Engineering, the well-known aquaculture consultant John L Holder from Canada, as well as the South-African water movement and aquaculture technology company Global Aquaculture Solutions will in future conduct business as a strategic alliance under this new name of Global Recirc Technologies™.

This step establishes this new company as one of the world’s most expert and leading suppliers of an all encompassing service to the aquaculture industry in the form of consultancies, research and development as well as design, manufacture, installations and after sales services of systems and technologies. These mentioned services will also encapsulate the delivery of full “turn-key” projects to clients in the international aquaculture industry.

The above mentioned three companies were in the past decade involved in more than sixty projects in fourteen different countries, spanning over six continents. The key staff members in these three groups, has a combined experience base of more than 250 years in the aquaculture industry and are today world leaders and experts in the re-circulation and re-use of water in aquaculture.