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Gladstone: More Tests For Sick Fish

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AUSTRALIA - Fisheries Queensland says more testing will be done on diseased fish in Gladstone and around the state's central region.

Follwing the ban being lifted on fishing in Gladstone, despite the source of the illness still being unknown, the government has now announced that it will do more testing.

ABCNews reports that Department spokesman, Dr John Robertson, says the tests are needed to find out more about their origin and other diseases.

Commercial fishermen want a fishing ban extended because sick fish are still being found.

Dr Robertson says some fish have suffered from red-spot disease, lesions and a parasitic flatworm but test results could take some weeks.

"We're doing very targeting sampling of the spots of [where] those fish originally came from, such as the Boyne River," he said.

"Just looking at the relationship of what we're seeing in the fish and also what's the parasite that's affecting them."