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Ghana Not Meeting EU Export Standards

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GHANA - Ghana must improve control of contaminants in the fishery chain, in order to ensure all requirements are met for fish products exported to the EU.

This is the outcome of a recent mission in Ghana carried out by the Food and Veterinary Office in September 2010.

The mission intended to evaluate the public health conditions for the production of fishery products intended for export to the European Union.

The report concludes that the current organisation of the Ghanaian Competent Authorities and the control system implemented only offers partial guarantees concerning the sanitary conditions of the production of fishery products for EU export. To fully ensure that all fishery products exported to the EU respect requirements equivalent to those set out in EU legislation, correction and improvements should be made, in particular concerning official control for contaminants and control of the cold chain.

The Competent Authorities have, so far, only addressed satisfactorily some of the recommendations of the previous mission report.

The report addresses to the Ghanaian authorities a number of recommendations aimed at rectifying identified shortcomings and enhancing the control system in place.