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FRS Stand at Game Fair 2008 Scone

UK - Fisheries Research Services (FRS) Freshwater Laboratory will, once again, have a stand at the Scone Game Fair 2008, located this year in Fishermans Row (F18) from 4th to 6th July 2008.

FRS will be exhibiting details of the new regulations regarding the introduction of freshwater fish in Scotland. As a control to protect native biodiversity, from 1st August 2008 approval must be obtained before any live fish or spawn of any fish are introduced to inland waters. Guidance on the new legislation will be available at the FRS stand.

Displays at the FRS stand will also exhibit details surrounding the complexities of the parasite Gyrodactylus salaris (G.s) - a freshwater parasite worm that infects salmonids.

This parasite is currently not present in the UK, although if it were to be introduced into our waters it would have a devastating effect on wild Atlantic salmon populations. The parasite has had a disastrous effect in Norway with salmon populations being almost eradicated in 44 rivers.

Although there is a national contingency plan to deal with G.s. should it occur, prevention is the key, and FRS staff will be on hand during the Game Fair to advice on the practical measures to be taken to help safeguard the future of our freshwater environment.

Dr Trevor Hastings, Director of FRS Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory said: "As one of Scotland’s biggest rural events, the Scone Game Fair is an excellent opportunity for FRS to showcase our research. Each year we welcome the opportunity to discuss current topics with a wide variety of people and groups with an interest in freshwater fisheries."