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FRS Publishes Fish Stocks Information

UK - Detailed information on Fish and Nephrops Stocks for 2008 has been published by Fisheries Research Services (FRS).

The annual FRS booklet provides a valuable source of up to date information that will prove a useful tool in ensuring the conservation and sustainable harvesting of fish stocks.

Aimed at the fishing industry and other marine stakeholders, the booklet covers areas such as the fish stock assessment process and how quotas are agreed. It also outlines the way that ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) provides its fish stock management advice, including definitions of the terminology used.

The biggest section is devoted to a review of Scotland’s main commercial species, providing a vast array of the latest information on quotas, overall stock health and management advice.

The key aim of the booklet is to provide the fishing industry with an accurate summary of the current state of commercial fish stocks, says Dr Bill Turrell, FRS Fisheries Management Programme Director.

“The booklet contains the most up to date information available and we are keen that it has as wide a distribution as possible. As well as fishermen, it is used by Scottish Government officials as an information source during fisheries negotiations and by environmental NGOs. It would also interest environmentally conscious consumers wanting to make informed choices about the fish they eat,” he added.


The publication has been welcomed by Scotland's fish sector Bertie Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation said that fisheries science is the cornerstone of sustainable harvesting and fishermen are providing an input.

"We can modify our behaviour in the light of it and challenge it constructively when experience at sea differs from the published data. We welcome the publication and will continue to work closely with our colleagues in FRS,” he added.

For more information and to download the booklet visit the www.FRS