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16 November 2006, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Catch-based aquaculture can provide new opportunities for the seafood industry. Fresh fish is in demand year-round.

The traditional cod fishery is concentrated around the winter months, which means that the industry is unable to produce enough fresh fish year-round. The solution may lie in catching and feeding cod to market size in captivity such that they can be slaughtered as needed.

Important supplement to wild-caught cod

"Slaughtering high-quality cod throughout the year can give the industry better opportunities to cover the demand for fresh cod", says Scientist Bjrg Helen Nstvold.

In this way, farm-raised cod can become an important supplement to traditionally caught cod, such that the market can also be supplied with fresh fish outside the cod fishery's peak season.

But a challenge is that all fish that are caught and fed are subject to the same regulations as regular farmed fish and must be marked in the same way when they are sent out to the markets in Europe. Will this affect the sale of the fish?

Can sign long-term contracts

Few studies have been done showing how customers will perceive Norwegian, farm-raised cod, leaving the scientists with unanswered questions. But they are sure about one thing:

"The most important competitive advantage of using fish that are stored live will be that the industry can enter into long-term and stable contracts where they can guarantee both good quality and steady deliveries", says Nstvold in closing.

The results are a part of a larger report on catch-based aquaculture which was prepared on assignment for the Wild Fish Forum in the Norwegian Fishermen's Association. The work is financed by the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund.

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