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Fresh films show salmon farmer’s environmental concerns

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The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) has launched a series of three mini films to give an insight into how salmon farming prioritises environmental responsibility to benefit fish health, local wildlife and the sea.


In each film, a visitor – a lifestyle blogger, a chef and a student concerned about looking after the planet – was taken around a salmon farm to see for themselves how the industry addresses issues such as fish health, energy use, feeding and recycling.


Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of the SSPO, said that salmon farmers need to demonstrate the science, the processes and the level of investment that underpin good fish farming.


He commented: “Salmon farming is a complex and highly business and so we have adopted engaging and shareable ways to tell our story. These films have been exceptionally well received and demonstrate how the industry is constantly making progress to maintain its good reputation for producing sustainable, high quality salmon."