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Food Safety Authority Discusses New PD Strategy

12 June 2012, at 1:00a.m.

NORWAY - The Norwegien Food Safety Authority (FSA) is inviting people working in the aquaculture industry to meet with them on Tuesday 19 June to discuss the Norwegian Seafood Federation (FHL) requesting changes in the fight against pancreas disease (PD) north of Hustadvika.

A new variant of the PD virus has, in the last few months, been detected in several farms north of Hustadvika, which has been set as a geographic boundary to combat the PD virus.

The FSA requires the harvest of the PD-infected fish in Hitra with a deadline of 22 June.

The FHL has asked the Ministry of Fisheries and FSA for changes in the fight against PD north of Hustadvika.

The FSA currently has a strategy for combating PD (SAV 3), with a natural boundary at Hustadvika. PD with infection by virus variant SAV 3 has not been found north of Hustadvika after 2009. This has been a successful strategy, which the Food Safety Authority wishes to continue.

However, a new type of PD disease, known as SAV 2, now carries a risk. It appears that SAV 2 is a milder variant of the viral disease but the FHL is asking for a new strategy.

FSA has noted the request from the FHL and is inviting the industry to a meeting with FHL. The companies Marine Harvest, Salmar and Leroy are invited to the meeting, in addition to representatives from smaller companies.

The risk assessment from the National Veterinary Institute, as well as results from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the industry, together with information contained in the meeting form the basis for the Authority review of the PD strategy.


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