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Food Safety Authorities Confirm Safety of Canadian Aquaculture Products

OTTAWA - The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) confirms that the USFDA detected trace levels of melamine in a batch of fish

feed shipped to the US by a Canadian manufacturer.

However - since melamine is not believed to accumulate in fish tissues - Health Canada has concluded that the consumption of fish fed with this feed does not pose a human health risk.

Given the absence of a food safety risk, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) does not intend to place restrictions on fish that may have consumed the feed. Despite the absence of risk, the feed manufacturer is voluntarily recalling all feed related to the batch in question.

"Quality and safety are of paramount importance for Canadian fish feed manufacturers," says Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of CAIA, "This voluntary recall demonstrates the feed industry's dedication to ensuring the safety and quality of their products".

While the CFIA will not place any restrictions on fish that may have consumed the feed, the agency will support the manufacturer's recall by ensuring that all of the feed remaining in the marketplace is removed.

"Working in cooperation with government regulators, Canadian feed manufacturers adhere to food safety standards designed to ensure the safety of all Canadian aquaculture products," says Salmon. "The cooperative action by the USFDA, CFIA and the manufacturer confirms that the food safety mechanisms currently in place are working effectively."

Canadian aquaculture products therefore continue to be safe, nutritious and healthy food choices for consumers.

The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is a national industry association, headquartered in Ottawa. It represents the interests of Canadian aquaculture operators, feed companies and suppliers as well as provincial finfish and shellfish aquaculture associations. CAIA is dedicated to promoting a responsible and healthy Canadian aquaculture industry that follows sound environmental practices and showcasing the health benefits of a wide variety of nutritious seafood products.

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