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Five Weird Fish Dishes from Around the World


GLOBAL - For fish lovers there are certainly places in the world that offer the cream of the fish dish crop. However, there are also plenty of dishes from other cultures that seem anything but appealing. In this article, Lucinda Parr tells you about just five of them.

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Lutefisk (Norway)

Lutefisk dates its history all the way back to Viking times. This dish is made from dried white fish (usually being cod of ling) which is kept in water for a number of days, after which it is placed into a lye solution until the fish turns into a jelly like substance. However this is not the end of the process for the fish, particularly as, at this stage, it could kill anyone that eats it. So following the lye soaking it is then soaked in fresh water for around a week.

Lutefisk is well known for its strong smell, which has seen it earn the nicknames of ‘weapon of mass destruction’, ‘rat poison’ and ‘fork destroyer’; hardly descriptions that are worthy of a Marks and Spencer advert.

Fugu (Japan)

Fugu is the famous fish that has to be prepared correctly else the person can meet a rather unseemly end. Chefs therefore have to hold special qualification in order to make this dish, and no wonder, given that they have to leave a little bit of the poison in the fish in order to create the tingling feeling that people eat this fish for.

Sannakji (Korea)

Sannakji may not technically be a fish, rather it is an octopus cut into pieces when still alive, but we feel that the fact that the octopus’ legs may still be moving when served means that it makes for a worthy entry on this list. What is more, people eating this dish also find that the suckers stick to their mouth, tongue and teeth in a last hurrah before being eaten, appetising stuff, right?

Tuna Eyes (Japan)

If you have a penchant for food that looks right back at you then Tuna eyes could be the dish for you. You can opt for it being cooked or fresh, and it’s generally seasoned and flavoured with soy sauce and garlic.

Shirako (Japan)

We have certainly left the least appealing until last. This dish from Japan looks like a nice, creamy sauce, and it is generally eaten during the winter months. However, its appearance may belie what this is actually made from (that being cod milt); and cod milt is simply a fancy term for fish sperm… yes, you heard right! This is a winter dish because fish sperm (and the additional fluids that are taken from the fish) are in season only during the winter. The sack that this delicacy comes in is famed (by its fans at least) for having a melt in the mouth sensation that very similar to butter; it is also very often compared to pigs brains.

So there you have it, five of the world’s most weird fish delicacies. We are hedging our bets that you are not rushing to find stockists for any of these dishes.

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