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Fishing for the Future: Video Shows Rare Insight into Life Aboard a Fishing Vessel

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ANALYSIS - Today, the first of a series of short videos providing rare insight into the life and reality onboard a fishing trawl vessel has been launched.

In the video Norwegian fisherman Mr Jan Roger Lerbukt, says: “Fishing is extremely important to me. What we are doing is feeding the world with high quality fish from the cleanest, coldest waters in the world.”

The video is produced by Danish Seafood company Espersen as part of their effort to shed light on the reality of modern day fishing.

It comes only days after Espersen was recognised as one of the top 25 seafood companies in the world with regards to sustainability, reporting and transparency.

In a statement about their first-ever benchmarking report of the industry, Seafood Intelligence said they made the analysis on the basis of 145 key performance indicators (KPIs) in an attempt to “make the difference between ‘greenwashing’ statements’ – and proactive sustainability reporting”.

Alex Olsen, Head of Sustainability at Espersen said: “We are proud to be recognised as a responsible seafood actor for our ongoing efforts. Sustainability is core to our business and we will continue to improve our sourcing, our impact on the environment, the technology our suppliers use, and the lives of our employees in our effort to secure a Net Positive seafood sector. This is what this series of videos is all about.”

Following his father and grandfather into the fishing industry, Mr Lerbukt is acutely aware of the importance of seafood sustainability. The fish stocks he relies on for his harvest, he said, are there “not just for today, but for future generations.”