Fish-farm sector reels in $10-M in funds

CANADA - New Brunswick&#39;s struggling aquaculture industry is getting a $10-million wave of federal cash to allow producers to put new stock in their pens.</b> <br><br> &quot;If they can&#39;t get smoult in the water they are out of business,&quot; said Veterans Affairs Minister and Conservative MP for New Brunswick Southwest Greg Thompson. <br><br> &quot;It is that simple. They can begin to access it immediately. In fact, they are putting fish in the water now.&quot; <br><br> Thompson&#39;s riding includes almost all the salmon growers in New Brunswick, an industry worth almost $200 million a year. <br><br> He is also rejecting criticism from federal Liberals that the funding is a cut from the $20-million amount promised by the former Martin government. <br><br> &quot;We didn&#39;t cut funding,&quot; he said. &quot;The Liberals didn&#39;t delivery any funding. <br><br> &quot;It was a case of a broken promise of the Liberal government.&quot; <br><br> He said a year ago there were 23 aquaculture companies in New Brunswick and that number is now down to 14 due to the broken Liberal promise. <br><br> <i>Source: Canada</i>

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