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Fisheries Science Partnership Projects


UK - Defra recently announced a one-year, 950,000 continuation of the Fishery Science Partnership for 2011/12. The programme has been running since 2003 and is managed by a steering group that includes representatives of Defra, Cefas and industry bodies.

Some projects are agreed on a single-year project basis, others are long-term time-series. About two-thirds of the 2011/12 funding will support the long-term development and continuation of surveys that give time-series of catch rates and stock structure of key quota species. We expect these data to be used in support of ICES advice on stocks. The balance of the funding will support one-off investigations.

The 2011/12 programme has been agreed and tenders are invited for eleven new projects.The deadline for tender submissions is 17.00 on Thursday 12 May 2011.

The projects are:

  • North-east cod and whiting - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (23)
  • Western Channel sole (west) - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (24b)
  • Western anglerfish (north) - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (25a)
  • Western anglerfish (south) - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (25b)
  • Irish Sea roundfish (east) - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (26a)
  • Irish Sea roundfish (west) - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (26b)
  • Modified commercial trawl survey - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (27)
  • Gill net pollack survey - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (28)
  • Spurdog, porbeagle and common skate bycatch and discard reduction - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (29)
  • Cuttlefish diversification - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (30)
  • Fishing industry multi-beam sonar marine habitats survey - Reference: FSP (2011-12) (31)

Full tender documentation is available from the tender invitations page -