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MEXICO - Mexico hosts the the Second International Forum: 'Risk Management in Agriculture and Livestock industries, Climate Change, Food Safety and Competitive Development'. Here, climate change's effects on agriculture, livestock and fisheries will be analysed as well as integrated systems to boost agriculture in order to make it sustainable and add value to these industries.

At the event, organised by SAGARPA, IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture) and Techincal and Upper-Level Studies Institute of Monterrey (Campus Puebla), will also analyse risk management in public policies and the role of international insurances. They will also look to stregthen food safety.

Secetary of SAGARPA, Francisco Mayorga, pointed out that climate change is not only an environmental problem anymore but it is also a rising threat to competitiveness and food production. He also added that Mexico had tools to take care of this issue.

They promote different projects which promote sustainable practices and act to preserve agriculture, livestock and fish industries, involving both the producers and state governments responsibilities. Moreover, there are environmental criteria to be met by the new productive projects.

Mr Mayorga highlighted that a wide Preservation and Risk Management project is to be carried out by Mexico. It ensures insurances in case of climate phenomena catastrophes, above all, for small producers.

He stated that taking out these insurances will help to transfer the risk to specialised financial agents. This will allow a more efficient management of public budget in order to put into practice insurances funded by the national Government and the state Governments.

Depending on how isolated a town is, it will be 90 per cent funded by the national Government and 10 per cent by the state Governments or 75 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively.

At the Forum, several research institute and green technologies companies which contribute to carry out measures to reduce climate change effects on these industries.

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