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GLOBAL - Generally speaking, fisheries resources from capture, marine, or brackish and fresh water sources as well as from aquaculture are considered an important sector in the Arab region especially in some of the major producing Arab countries where fisheries play a significant role in their national economies, writes Izzat Feidi, Fisheries Consultant.

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While the overall resources of the Arab region in general constitute a small part in the international fisheries scene, nevertheless to several countries in the region which their economies are largely dependent on this natural resource as well as in all the countries all other countries fisheries are considered a very important economic activity especially in the traditional, artisanal communities in these countries where it provides employment, food, and a source of income from the various activities associated with the fisheries industry.

With this background, and in order to increase the benefits of a largely low level industry in terms of returns of the industry to the various national economies as well as to the various sectors of the industry including the fishermen communities, there is a significant need for more attention and prospectives of development in the region in order to raise the potential of the sector especially where various outlets for major investments may be injected in the sector to increase the benefits that such an important sector in the future of these countries of the region.

It is essential to say that if rationally and scientifically exploited, fisheries could play an important role in meeting increased demand for food in the region and in spearheading the national economies of several Arab states. This paper reviews the areas that offer good potential for development as well as highlighting the various possibilities in which new investments may be injected from private, national, regional and international sources with the general intention of development of fisheries from capture and aquaculture sector in the Arab region and reviews the challenges ahead for sustainable fisheries development.

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