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FEFAC Workshop on Sustainable Fish Feed for Aquaculture

25 March 2014, at 12:00a.m.

BELGIUM - The European Feed Manufacturers' Federation is holding a stakeholder workshop to discuss future options for sustainable fish feed.

To be held on 8 April 2014 in Brussels, the workshop will look at the current and future options for sustainable fish feed sources in order to meet the policy objectives set out in the new Common Fisheries Policy, as well as to discuss market and consumer acceptance of innovations in the field of sustainable fish feed sources.

In the Common Fisheries Policy reform package a new chapter was included on the importance of the sustainable development of aquaculture with a key emphasis on the need for sustainable fish feed.

A clear call was made for an increase in the production of EU aquaculture in order to guarantee the long-term food security for European citizens as well as to contribute to the growing world fish food demand.

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The growth story of Nireus, Greece

Like all Mediterranean producers, Nireus has a strong need to market their product as fresh, affordable and high quality fish, with traceability as an important asset. Building a stable future for the company on both technical and business knowledge, Nireus realizes that a healthy economy in aquaculture can only be built on healthy fish.

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