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Feedipedia New Resource on Feed Ingredients


MEXICO During the Latin American Animal Nutrition Congress in Puerto Vallarta, a new source for evaluating non-conventional feed ingredients for all types of livestock and fish was presented, writes Carla Wright, 5M Publishing editor.

Valrie Heuz, on the Feedipedia project team, said demand for animal products will increase in future decades, and of necessity, feed needs will increase.

Feedipedia is an open access information system on animal feed resources that provides information on the nature, occurrence, chemical composition, nutritional value, and guides for safe use on 1500 feeds for a worldwide audience.

The site will cover non-conventional feeds because many feeds not produced in temperate climates are not included in existing tables. The site will help identify, characterize and discuss proper use of feed resources to sustainably develop the livestock sector.

The sites goal is better use of unconventional feed by clear identification, composition and nutritive value, comparison with conventional feeds, resources and replacement values in diets, processes to improve nutritional value and potential constraints.

Each feed has its own data sheet on the website, with 201 completed and 600 tables updated. There are 400 to 500 data sheets yet to be completed.

Ms. Hause said Feedipedia will expand to include more feeds, new parameters such as environmental impact, collect field experience, add take home messages, translate common names of feeds, and add new features such as graphics and searches.

The website is managed jointly by INRA,CIRAD, AFZ and FAO.

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