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Extending Resources to Aquaculture in Aceh

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
19 February 2009, at 12:00am

INDONESIA - The Aceh Aquaculture Communication Center (AACC) has been newly established by the Regional Centre for Brackishwater Aquaculture Development (BBAP) at Ujung Batee, Aceh Besar District of NAD with assistance from the ADB funded ETESP-fisheries project.

According to the Network of Aquaculture Centres Asia-Pacific, (NACA), the communication centre is a new resource to support the future development of aquaculture in Aceh, and will be one of the supporting structures for a network of Aquaculture Livelihood Service Centres (ALSC) providing a better interactive technical advisory service, such as disease diagnosis, information, and training services, for farmers.

More Aquaculture Liveliood Service Centres are currently under development in Bireuen District and scheduled to be completed by the end of the month to provide various services to groups of aquaculture farmers in Aceh who will own and run the network of centres.

The communication centre is located at the BBAP at Ujung Batee, and five technical staff are working there. The centre has a growing network of collaborating agencies from Aceh, Indonesia, and other regional organizations to exchange information, news, and extension materials.

The centre is establishing an information system and fully interactive website called Jaringan Petambak Aceh (Network of Aquaculture Farmers in Aceh) that provides practical information and materials for aquaculture farmers, covering market information, extension materials, business directories and others developed based on the needs identified by participation of the farmers themselves.

ETESP-Fisheries will further assist BBAP for development of operational practices for the new communication centre, in cooperation with partners in ACIAR, FAO other agencies in Aceh and farmer stakeholder groups.

The AACC concept is new, but together with the ALSC is expected to continue to provide necessary information and technical services to aquaculture farmers in Aceh to maintain and expand their livelihoods in this economically important rural sector in Aceh.

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