Europe Upholds Shrimp Ban

by the Fish Site Editor
09 October 2007, at 1:00am

IRAN - The head of Irans Fisheries Organisation has said that following political problems created for Iran at the United Nations Security Council over its nuclear program, it seems that the European Union has also stopped importing shrimp from Iran.

Producers exported about 2,000 tons of shrimp to Europe annually.

It has done so on the pretext that the State Veterinary Organisation has not submitted documents on shrimp tests on time. Currently, European Union does not purchase Iranian shrimps, said Shabanali Nezami Baluchi, according to the Fars news agency.

He explained that although the State Veterinary Organisation has dispatched documents on the safety of shrimps six months ago, the EU has yet to respond.

The official recalled that producers exported about 2,000 tons of shrimp to Europe annually. He said that given the production and export rates, there was no need for new markets. However, after the EU ban on Iranian shrimps, new markets should be found for this product, he said.

Source: Iran Daily

the Fish Site Editor