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Emergency Rule To Expand Testing For Fish Virus

MADISON, Wis. - A new rule by the state Ag Department will increase the workload for scientists at a key lab in Madison for the testing of a deadly fish virus.

Scientists at the state Veterinary Diagnostic Lab have already been testing more than 700 fish a week for VHS, or viral hemorrhagic septicemia, since the state Department of Natural Resources found the virus in fish in the Lake Winnebago system in May.

The virus causes fish to bleed to death but experts said it doesn't pose a threat to humans.

The rush to contain VHS to the Lake Winnebago system increased testing and the workload at the lab.

"It's been really busy, and I've had to help because the quantity has just increased," said Ann Hennings, a microbiologist at the state Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

The Ag Department is setting up an emergency rule that will require all state fish farmers to get all of their stock fish and bait tested for VHS, including DNR fish-stocked lakes.

Source: Wisc TV

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