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Effect of an Organic Acids Blend on a Slow Release Medium on Catfish Performance

Nutrition Post-harvest Catfish / Pangasius +1 more

Catfish (Pangasiushy pothalamus) have become increasingly attractive for the food industry. Farmers are looking for the possibilities to increase the cat fish performance. The influence of acidifiers on the fish performance was tested in several studies.

The use of acids was tested in tropical warm water species, like tilapia (Ramietal.,2005) and cat fish (Owen et al.2006).

Aim of the trial

This study was conducted to investigate the effect of a well balanced combination of organic acids (buffered mixture of formic and propionic acids) based on a sequential release medium (Biotronic® SE) in cat fish feed to improve the growth performance. Different inclusion levels were tested to determine best dosage for the application of the product.

Materials and methods

Location: Aquaculture Centre for Applied Nutrition (ACAN), Thailand.

  • 630 juvenile striped catfish (Pangassiushypothalamus) initial weight of 10±1g.
  • Nine tanks (500 l), at density 70 fish per tank
  • The fish were fed to near satiety 3 times daily
  • Three treatments with three replicates per treatment.
    (1) Control diet based on commercial diet (NC)
    (2) Control diet + 2 g acidifier/kg feed
    (3) Control diet + 4 g acidifier/kg feed
  • Experimental period: 63 d

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