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Domesticating Bluefin Tuna

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
10 August 2010, at 1:00am

JAPAN & SPAIN - Researchers from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the Japanese Kinki University have teamed up to working on domesticating the bluefin tuna. and other scombroid fish such as Atlantic bonito.

Over the last 10 years the researchers have been co-ordinating various research projects, three of them within the Framework Programmes of the European Union.

The team has been successful in increasing knowledge of reproduction, larval rearing and feeding of the species.

They have, in particular, found a great deal of information out about life cycle of the Atlantic bonito, as well as the development of environmentally friendly forumlated diets.

IEO has hired the renowned Japanese researcher, Manabu Seok. This was made posssible through the signing of an agreement between the Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerda and the rector of the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena (UPCT), Felix Faure, with the heads of several savings banks in the Region of Murcia.

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