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Disease Leads Salmon Farms to Crisis

by 5m Editor
2 January 2009, at 12:00am

CHILE - The industry has been struggling since salmon anaemia has been found at many farms.

Chile is the words second largest producer and exporter of farmed salmon and trout, after Canada, reports Farming UK. Both ends of the American continent enjoy an abundance of fresh water and the required cool climate, to make fish farming very profitable.

However salmon farming in Chile was brought to an abrupt halt in July of 2007, when the dreaded lethal virus known as salmon anaemia (SA), was found in the fish farms of the nation.

Fish farms cover an area of 6,172 hectares in Chile and there are applications with the government, to increase this by a further 70%.

The industry generates an export revenue of US$2.2 billion, employing over 55,000 people and one of the mainstays of the economy.

SA has now been found in 25 different fish farms and export bans have been introduced by most importing countries.

There are a further 16 farms under review, which means the farms must be cleared of stock and the tanks emptied, disinfected throughout and left empty for at least one year.


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