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Crossbred Shrimp for Robustness and Resilience

by 5m Editor
2 June 2009, at 1:00am

INDONESIA - Government-funded scientists genetically developed a more robust and resilient kind of farmed shrimp, IVN-1, by crossbreeding Indonesian shrimp with US broodstock.

According to FIS News, the new disease-resistant breed grows faster and is better adjusted to the local climate, which makes for cheaper cultivation of the stock.

“[IVN-I] is highly resistant to shrimp disease and can be harvested faster for a more affordable price,” said Made L. Nurdjana, the ministry’s director general of aquaculture, the Jakarta Globe reports.

Already last week, two facilities in Situbondo and Karangasem in Bali were producing IVN-1 shrimp for distribution to farmers throughout the country. Shrimp farmers will be able to purchase the product at the low price of IDR 50,000 - IDR 75,000 (USD 4.90 - USD 7.34) - just 16-18 per cent of the US broodstock cost, according to Nurdjana.

“The more affordable the broodstock is, the less farmers have to pay to buy shrimp fry,” he said. “By using new varieties, for example, farmers will only have to pay IDR 15 (USD 0.0015) per shrimp fry. This can reduce production costs.”


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