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Cracking the Code: Genetics of Super Bluefin Tuna

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JAPAN - Japanese scientists will have bred a new "super-tuna" within a decade that will be stronger, more resistant to disease and taste better than the bluefin presently in the oceans.

According to a news report from Telegraph, the tuna - stocks of which are in global decline - would be raised in farms to meet surging demand around the world for the traditional Japanese delicacy.

A team from Japan’s Fisheries Research Agency, The University of Tokyo and Kyushu University is close to completing the genome sequence of the bluefin tuna to unravel the secrets of the chemical building blocks of the fish and expects to be able to start a breeding programme next year, reports the Telegraph.

“We have already completed two computer sequencing runs and have around 60 per cent of the tuna genome,” said Dr. Kazumasa Ikuta, director of research at the Yokohama-based Fisheries Research Agency.

The researchers expect to have the entire sequence in the next couple of months which they will to establish a breeding programme for bluefin tuna.

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