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Copper Cages Could Reduce CO2 Emissions

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
27 January 2010, at 12:00am

CHILE - The use of copper mesh in salmon farms is not only a mechanism against bacteria and fish diseases, but also reduces the generation of carbon for every kilo of salmon produced.

Accorging to Diario Financiero, Víctor Pérez, president of EcoSea Farming explained that thanks to antifouling properties from copper which do not allow the adherence of microorganisms and its resistance to attacks by sea lions, which reduces the need for maintenance, operational costs and fuel consumption decrease, the use of copper cages in fish farming could reduce carbon emissions by 20 per cent per kilo of farmed salmon.

Mr Perez said that in Chile there are 18 cages in use in Camachaca, Friosur and glaciers.

He said the company hopes to expand the business in 2010, wanting to close the year with over 60 cages installed across Chile.

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