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Cooperation In Fisheries Practice With Viet Nam

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INDONESIA - The Republic of Indonesia wishes to establish cooperation with Viet Nam to share best practice in fish processing and agriculture.

Such intention was conveyed by the Indonesian Consul General, Bambang Tarsanto, in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), when meeting with the Chairman of the Peoples Committee of Vinh Long province, Nguyen Van Diep in the Peoples Committee office.

The cooperation will be concentrated in Vinh Long province, considering its potential as one of the 13 provinces situated in the Mekong Delta. This province is superior in its agriculture and fishery, said Bambang Tarsanto, according to a press release of the Indonesian Consulate General in HCMC.

Indonesias proposal to cooperate was warmly welcomed, he added.

Concerning social and cultural cooperation, Mr Bambang explained that Nguyen Van Diep said that his side would always welcome any promotional activities of Indonesian culture in Vinh Long.

Whenever the Indonesian Consulate General announces their promotional plan, Vinh Long is willing to welcome Indonesian art teams visit, he continued.

In the context of ASEAN, Mr Bambang expected the readiness from both governments and societies in anticipating the ASEAN Community 2015. Bambang also hoped for the increase of people-to-people contacts between Indonesian and Vinh Long societies, considering both are a part of one ASEAN community.

We wished for more cultural exchanges and social activities to be jointly organised by the Indonesian Consulate General and the Vinh Long local government through the Vinh Long Union Friendship Organisation, in order for the society of both countries to know and understand the cultures of each other, he added.

The Potentials of Vinh Long

From the meeting, Mr Bambang said his side had a clear grasp of the economic potentials Vinh Long province has. The province has approximately 1.1 million inhabitants, and its agriculture sector contributes around 50 per cent to its GDP.

Every year, Vinh Long produces approximately one million ton of rice and 400,000 ton of fruit.

In addition, Vinh Long is also superior in the aquaculture, especially tra fish and catfish, which produces 136,000 ton of fish a year.

There are approximately two industrial parks that facilitate the industry in the province, with an industrial areas size of 2500 ha.

To improve its human resources, there is one university and five institutes that produce high quality graduates in Vinh Long.