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Convert Fish Waste into Fertiliser to Generate Extra Income


GLOBAL - With production costs rising, fish farmers need to find ways to generate extra income.

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One way is to convert the organic waste from fish farms and feed processing lines into solid organic fertaliser.

Now Singapore based company Biomax has developed a system that it claims can speed up the conversion of the waste into a profitable product.

Organic waste can be put into the Biomax Rapid Thermophilic Digestor where a mixture of microbes - BM1 - break it down, converting it into fertiliser.

Biomax says that with most converters, the process can take months but with the Biomax digestor the process takes just 24 hours and creates around 70 per cent of the waste input weight in solid organic fertaliser.

The digestor requires only a small area of land and has low energy consumption. It is also available in three different sized systems to cater for three, 15 or 50 tons of waste, making it suitable for small fish farms.

The Biomax digestor is currently being used in Australia, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

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