Consumer Awareness In Australia & Sweden

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
11 November 2010, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA AND SWEDEN - Two new joint-marketing projects launched this month aim to boost awareness of certified sustainable seafood with retail and restaurant customers in Australia and Sweden.

In Australia, John West has launched a magazine advertising campaign that will raise awareness of the MSC and their range of MSC certified Wild Alaskan salmon.

In Sweden, national retailer Coop has partnered with seafood brands Abba Seafood and Findus to communicate to customers via in-store information across all 720 stores, leaflets delivered to 3 million Coop members and a national advertising campaign.

To support the campaign, MSC and Coop jointly launched a partner page on the MSC website which provides a direct link from a dedicated Coop URL and increases visibility of the company's commitment to sustainable seafood.

Both projects build on recent joint-marketing successes in France (Les Jours Bleus), the Netherlands (Albert Heijn), Japan (Aeon and Co-Op), the UK (Sainsbury’s and M&S), the US (Whole Foods Markets) and Canada (Loblaws).