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Conapach Presentation on New Fisheries Law

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CHILE - With a rejection of the Government's proposals for fishing and serious objections to the proposals for achieving sustainability of fisheries, Conapach has submitted comments to the bill that seeks to resolve the end of the rule of law limits short Mcrea maximum catch among other subjects.

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Through a presentation by Zoila Bustamante, the numerous matters contained in the proposal of the executive and the large differences expected by the artisanal sector were reviewed.

Conapach asked for the unique historical fishery areas to be managed by artisanal only.

Conapach stated that it does not encourage the artisanal fleet division between boats and launches, and it rejects the priority control the artisanal fleet that has endangered fish stocks.

In addition, it called for legislation to protect the public nature of fisheries resources and establish a preferential access for artisanal fisheries in place to tender for the case that there are surplus stocks.

Also among the proposals submitted by Conapach is to maintain the frequency and transform it into the centerpiece of a new system of vacancies and waiting lists.