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Company says it has pen solution

CANADA - A Florida company wants to sell clsoed-containment bass farming technology to BC salmon farmers.

“We look forward to providing an economically and environmentally sound solution to the B.C. farmers, organic seafood producers, and others worldwide,” said Ernest Papadoyianis in a news release last week, the day after the Select Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture released a report recommending all salmon farms in B.C. move to closed-containment systems within five years.

Papadoyianis is the president of Neptune Industries, based in Boca Raton, Florida.

The company has created farming technology for bass farming which it believes could be used to farm salmon.

One of his company’s inventions, the trademarked “Aqua-Sphere,” could “successfully address the environmental concerns of most aquaculture operations by controlling and recycling all waste products, while insuring the production of the highest quality fish at an affordable price,” according to the news release.

The company’s floating pens trap all waste, have automatic feeders and use solar power. The company is currently using some of that technology to grow hybrid striped bass, which can be used in sashimi.

Source: Campbell River Mirror