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Combined Resources Bring Key Advantages to Global Aquaculture Sector

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GLOBAL - The world's aquaculture market has a new leader in aquatic health. Schering Plough takes premier status, now that the acquisition of Organon Biosciences (Intervet) is complete and resources have been streamlined. It has announced a comprehensive portfolio of products that the combines the scientific and practical expertise from both companies.

The combination of Schering-Plough's animal health business and that of Intervet creates a global leader for vaccines, pharmaceuticals and complimentary products for the aquaculture industry, says the company. The amalgamation brings together an unparalleled range of skills, knowledge and experience working together to promote and support health programmes in all the key aquaculture markets.

The new business has considerable research and development resources located in the prime aquaculture regions with sites in the UK, USA, Norway, Japan, Singapore and Latin America. The continuing objective is to strengthen expertise and develop products and strategies in disease management. Locally, markets will be supported by a highly professional and experienced team of scientists, veterinarians and technical experts.

As world aquaculture continues to grow apace, the challenges of preventing and managing disease will be a continual issue for existing and emerging aquaculture markets. The newly combined business of Schering-Plough and Intervet has the real potential to significantly advance health management programmes across the globe.

Broad Spectrum Portfolio

The vaccine range includes both AquaVacTM and Norvax vaccines. Both are the culmination of many years of research and development conducted by two highly respected research-based companies. The AquaVac range includes vaccines for diseases in salmon, trout sea bass, tilapia, catfish and shrimp. The range includes immersion, injection and oral delivery options as integral elements of Schering-Plough's total protection strategy.

Norvax vaccines are respected worldwide for preventing infectious diseases in a wide range of aquatic species. The highly successful third generation Norvax - Minova 6 combination vaccine protects salmon from five diseases in one vaccination.

Included in the range of vaccines are the only injectable recombinant vaccines against Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN), the only oral IPN vaccine for salmon fry and the only Pancreas Disease (PD) vaccine for salmon. The portfolio also includes live attenuated vaccines for bacterial challenges in catfish.

SLICE parasiticide remains the world's leading in-feed treatment for the control of all parasitic life stages of sea lice in salmon. The company's extensive range of pharmaceuticals also includes the broad spectrum antibiotic AQUAFLOR. Highly palatable and well tolerated by both fresh water and salt water fish,and is also effective against a broad range of economically important bacterial diseases of fish.

The algae-based complimentary feedstuff AquaVac Ergosan has also become a world wide brand and is recognised for optimising the nutritional status of fish during the important stages of immune response in vaccine programmes and during stress response to external stimuli in the environment.

The range is complemented by expertise in breeding technology with the spawning aids Gonazon and Chorulun.