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Chinese Wild Shellfish Receive Protected Status in the EU

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EU - The name Yancheng Long Xia has been formally registered as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for a natural wild shellfish living in the convergence of fresh and salt water areas.

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It has been added to the more than 1000 names of agricultural products and foodstuffs (among them 10 non-EU products) protected as PGI or PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

It is the eighth Chinese name of a product receiving the protected status, after the garlic Jinxiang Da Suan (PGI), the green tea Longjing cha (PDO), the fruit Guanxi Mi You (PDO), the apple Shaanxi ping guo (PDO), the yam Lixian Ma Shan Yao (PGI), the pastas Longkou Fen Si (PGI) and the vinegar Zhenjiang Xiang Cu (PGI).