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Chinese Seafood Is Safer Say Officials

US - Americans may be assured that a recent crackdown on the use of illegal veterinary drugs by China's agriculture ministry has significantly improved the quality and safety of the countrys seafood production.

Chinese regulators said that in the last year, more than 30,000 inspectors had fanned out across the country, working to close unacceptable seafood operations and enforce regulations against the use of banned antibiotics — like chloramphenicol and like malachite green, which has caused cancer in laboratory tests.

Also, According to report in the New York Times Chinese fishery officials from the ministry have admitted that pollution and water-quality problems are probably the biggest challenges facing China’s fish farming and aquaculture industry.

“Water quality is the top issue for Chinese aquaculture,” said Ding Xiaoming, the director for aquaculture in the fisheries bureau. “Without good water quality, Chinese aquaculture cannot develop.”

In a 30-minute interview at the agriculture ministry, Mr. Ding blamed China’s rapid urbanization and industrialization for polluting waterways that are used by fish farms, a situation that experts say forces some farmers to turn to illegal drugs to protect their fish stocks from disease.

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