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China's Marine Industry's Value Increases

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CHINA - Chinas marine industry generated more than RMB3.84 trillion (US$590 billion) last year, an increase of 12.8 per cent on 2009.

In the next five years, the annual growth rate of China’s emerging marine industry is expected to be around 20 per cent, according to the 2011 China Ocean Development Report from China’s State Oceanic Administration, according to China Buiness News.

The report, however, said pollution and environmental degradation in China’s waters have created a “grave situation” for environmental security.

Pollutants in the country’s waters are posing a threat to the environment, food safety and the country’s economic and social development, the report says.

Thre major source of the problem is in land-sourced pollutants and waters near large coastal cities and other highly-developed areas are suffering the most.

The report has called for more environmental protection efforts and the creation of a comprehensive marine ecosystem management system.