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Chilean Government Unties the Fisheries Law

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CHILE - After almost 10 months in the pipeline at Congress, the Chilean Government is trying to unleash the fisheries law by narrowing the labour requirements included to the normative in the Chamber of Deputies a couple of months ago.

According to FishFarmingExpert the ministries of Economy and Finance are preparing a formula to modify the article that establishes the expiration of a concession due to three defaults of labour obligations committed by a company or one of its subcontractors.

In their favour, the salmon industry argue that this modification includes labour changes through a sectorial law and not by the Labour Code; establishing that the producer and its subcontractors are one single economical unit; and that the new labour justice operates faster with a consequently higher chance of collecting three executed sentences in a three-year timescale.

In his turn, the chairman of the Chilean Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABIF) Hernán Somerville said that the labour issues contaminate the fisheries law, La Nación published.

Finally, the president of the National Confederation of Salmon Industry Workers (Conatrasal) Javier Ugarte stated that "the only ones that have contaminated the industry and are accountable for the social crisis are the salmon businessmen, because they don't know how to control the business, acting meanly and defaulting in front of the labour obligations".

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