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Certification First For Scotland's FCI

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SCOTLAND, UK - Food Certification International (FCI) has become the first European-based certification body to be awarded accreditation to inspect and certify aquaculture feed production plants against a new Global Feed Manufacturers Standard.

Based in Scotland, FCI has over 15 years experience of certifying the farmed salmon industry including the compound feed production plants supplying the sector and it was a natural progression for FCI to apply for an extension to its existing GlobalG.A.P. accreditation to include the new GlobalG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturers v 2 standard.

News that FCI was applying for this new scope has generated interest from feed production plants across Europe and already certification has been issued for plants based in Turkey and the Faroe Islands.

For compound feed manufacturers not participating in GlobalG.A.P. recognised benchmarked schemes such as the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme, FCI can now provide an alternative route to gaining GlobalG.A.P. certification.

The award of this additional accreditation comes alongside the recent expansion in FCI's global network with the opening of a Spanish office to service clients in Spain and South America. In addition local representation in the Mediterranean region is also in place in both Italy and Turkey.

"FCI is delighted to be the first in Europe to have achieved accreditation to the new CFM v2 standard," commented Managing Director, Martin Gill.

This together with completion in the near future of our scope extension to include the new GlobalG.A.P. IFA Version 4 Aquaculture standard will allow FCI to further expand the range and distribution of its services to new markets and in particular provide a complementary service to a wider range of finfish producers and their compound feed suppliers.

FCI is already accredited to provide GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Aquaculture Assurance certification under the previous version covering the salmonid (salmon and trout), tilapia, pangasius and shrimp scopes. It already certifies over 95 per cent of the Scottish farmed salmon industry to a range of Product Quality Standards and industry Codes of Practice.

FCI currently certifies producers in Scotland, Suriname, Faroe Islands and Turkey.