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Cases Of Koi Herpesvirus Reported

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UK - An early warning report has been issued by Defra for two reported cases of Koi Herpesvirus.

The Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) at Cefas are investigating outbreaks of Koi herpesvirus disease at a fishery near Horsham, West Sussex and at a fishery in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Initial controls have been placed on the affected sites to prevent further spread of this disease. The FHI are currently assessing the extent of the outbreak and the options available for the control of the disease.

Details of the affected site will become public information when a confirmed designation is issued and this will be published through the AAHM website. Details of all sites under confirmed designations for notifiable disease can be found here.

Koi Herpesvirus disease affects all varieties of common carp Cyprinus carpio, including varieties such as mirror, leather, koi, and ghost koi.

Mortalities are usually 100 per cent and there is no treatment.

Clinical signs include lethargic or erratic behaviour, loss of balance, loss of mucus resulting in dry, rough patches, sloughing of mucus, and sunken eyes.

Gills are most frequently affected displaying necrotic patches of dead tissue, often with secondary infection of bacteria and fungi

Should you have any concerns regarding your own stocks of fish and require advice on biosecurity measures please contact the FHI on 01305 206700.