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Camagey Tilapia Rearing A Success

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CUBA - Tilpia rearing in Camagey is receiving a boost.

Freshwater fishermen in Camagüey, an eastern province of Cuba, have distinguished themselves in the rearing of farmed tilapia intended to comply with their commitment consisting on the capture and deliver of 350,000 units, most of them caught in the municipality of Sibanicú.

Radio Cadena Agramonte reports that there are 900 fish cages deployed in this municipality, while others have been set in the dams Hidráulica Cubana and El Porvenir, near the northern municipalities of Minas and Esmeralda.

The Fishing Company Camaguey (PESCACAM) applauded the success of rearing tilapias and other species in farms, particularly in Sibanicú, where the company has reached high productivity so far this year.

The farm is located near a fish-processing plant and its wastes are mixed with feedstuff to guarantee a stable food supply to the clarias, an experience that has begun to pay off.

Raising tilapia in cages consists of seeding fry in a small reservoir, where they are fed four times a day with industrially produced feed.