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Call for Increased Sustainable Aquaculture Production


MALAYSIA - The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin has called for the industrialisation of aquaculture in the wake of the declining seafood supply in the country.

He told The Malaysian News Agency that with increased seafood demand and declining supplies, there is a need for the industrialisation of aquaculture.

The Minister said this in his opening speech at the Annual Seminar On Marine Science And Aquaculture at University Malaysia Sabah's (UMS) main campus in Likas.

The Minister said that transformation through green technology would be a key factor in sustainability.

"If green technology is cost effective, it would be able to support fish rearing, making it affordable to a large section of society facing the food security problem," he added.

He continued to say that sustaining seafood supplies, which is facing the impact of global warming, is the concern of everyone.

"The environment affects aquaculture and vice versa. So, with the environment already in a crisis state, we must think of green technology to rear fish via aquaculture."

Minister Hussin set a challenge for the scientific community to develop methods which are environmentally conducive and efficient in production.

He concluded saying that he hoped with the world class experts in aquaculture at the Borneo Marine Research Institute of UMS, methods for adapting aquaculture to environmental challenges could be formulated, and specific measures identified and implemented towards ensuring its sustainable development.